Engagement process

Our planners work closely with our clients across a proven and transparent process:

  • Scoping appointment

    An initial discussion to determine which of our services and solutions you can utilise now to address immediate needs and considerations for the longer term. We will ask probing questions, cover off fees and what you can expect from us and our services. We will provide you with a letter of engagement which outlines the scope of services and fees should you wish to engage us.

  • Understanding You

    Our philosophy is built on the belief that financial decisions should revolve around the realities of life: home, family and work. In this deep dive, we explore:1. Your current financial position – income and expenses, assets and liabilities, insurance and estate planning arrangements.

    2. Your needs, goals and objectives – articulating what you really want and need from financial planning.

    3. Your attitudes towards money – your financial decision making will be impacted by your attitudes to risk, prior personal experiences, cognitive biases and lessons from parents or family.

  • Research & analysis

    Our research and analysis typically involves:

    1. Strategic and technical considerations – we explore the strategies available to you based on your current situation (age, income level, family situation, net wealth and so forth).

    2. Financial projections and tax calculations – the future can be uncertain so we try to explore possible scenarios to help a paint a picture for your future self. This picture will depend on things like tax, rates of return and cashflow.

    3. Product research and comparisons – evaluation of current chosen financial products against potential products with regards to costs, performance, product terms and risk.

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    Your written plan

    To help you understand the plan and the recommendation provided, your advisor will schedule time to walk you though it. This is an opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback and gain clarity on what you need to do. Your detailed report (Statement of Advice) will include:

    – The scope of our engagement

    – Your current financial position

    – Your needs, goals and objectives

    – Our recommendations

    – An implementation plan

    – Any associated fees and charges.

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    Making it happen

    Once you decide to proceed with the recommended actions, you will need to authorise your advisor to implement this for you by signing the “Authority to Proceed”. From there, your advisor will make it happen:

    – Completing application forms.

    – Liaising with product issuers.

    – Completing transactions on your behalf.

  • Keeping in regular contact

    A plan can help guide you on future actions but the reality is that things change over time. It’s important to review your plan and make adjustments to ensure it remains current. We provide an ongoing service which means touching base at least once a year to review your plan.

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