Retirement on your own terms

Planning your life beyond the daily work routine

We all look forward to a time when we no longer have to work. Whether it’s a gradual transition or a definitive date, retirement is a milestone that you can, ideally, achieve on your own terms.

Unfortunately, if you put off retirement planning until later years or worse, you don’t plan at all, it is unlikely that you can achieve a retirement on your terms. The earlier you plan, the greater the chance of achieving your retirement lifestyle goals.

Going into retirement is not just about stopping work. It’s a transition with very significant changes so planning is essential.

Retirement requires a number of adjustments to our lives. Viewing retirement as a process of change rather than a milestone date will help you appreciate and manage the potential significant impacts on your financial, mental and social well-being.

55.4 years

is the average Australian retirement age in Australia according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

80.4 years

life expectancy for an Australian male

84.5 years

life expectancy for an Australian female.

Tribel’s retirement readiness plans

We’ve created three, interconnected plans that manage saving for retirement, the transition out of full-time work and the passive income flows during retirement. Our planners can work with you to map out the optimal transition path from work into life beyond work.

Want more information? Download our brochure on Retirement Readiness or get in touch with us to discuss.

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