Helping protect Australian businesses and their employees

Our financial plans focus on the human side of businesses – owners, key staff and employees

For us, financial wellness in business starts from the position that people make the business. From leadership to entry level, all owners and employees should have assurances, protections and support is in place to drive financial wellbeing.

Tribel’s business wellness plans

We partner with Australian businesses in providing a number of risk mitigation mechanisms for the HR function that complement adjacent mitigations across liabilities, property and interruptions. We provide a number of financial plans in three main areas: Ownership Protection, Key Person Protection and Ownership Protection.

Key person protection

Identifying key personnel and evaluating the potential revenue and capital impacts of critical illness, disability and death.

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Ownership protection

Ensure all business owners in agreement on ownership transfer or succession should current owners suffer critical illness, disablement or death.

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Employee protection

Employee facing programs such as financial wellbeing & literacy, employer superannuation review, group insurance & continuation options and redundancy transition programs.

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Key person protection

Ownership protection

Employee protection

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